The Royal Affair of Kyra

Royalty, elegance, ethnic & traditional styles, Indian aesthetics, age-old classic silhouettes and list can go on when I would start defining Kyra-a brand by Bhavna Bhatia!  


She is the lady who herself carries the charm of royal family of Rajputs & her instincts which defined her endeavor to revive the old forgotten arts of embroidery and craftsmanship, grew to a mastery over the cultural legacy of the “days of the raj”. 

Her Journey is quite unlike any other fashion Designer we meet these days, she had a successful career at NDTV when she decided to take a U-turn in her life and switched to honing her skills in designing at NIFT. The Journey to “preserve and resurrect what is unique and embodies Indian tradition in all its glory” which is also the brand philosophy started!

My Dear Friends, I am sure by now you are quite enchanted by Bhavna , so let me take you on a royal journey which is even more enchanting and illuminating when you get to know Bhavna, Owner of Kyra. Excerpts of my quirky conversation with her!

What inspired you to take the Royal Route in designing your brand?
Radhika Raje Gaekwad-Maharani of Baroda in Bhavna’s creation

Being from a Rajasthani Rajputs family, I always had a soft corner for the Indian traditional dresses as they carry the elegance at its peak, and I wanted to cast a spell to revive this tradition keeping in mind the royal look it gives. The age old fabrics, the Shararas, Gararas,  Sarees, Lehengas, Anarkali’s, Chaniaya choli’s  were all resplendent in their age-old and bringing out that charm kind of became my passion and my heart beats for it. You can find all other western influenced designs with any other designer but if you feel royal & elegant inside, this collection is absolutely for you and this feeling inspired me to create my niche.

What is your ambition & vision with this brand?
Firstly, I am all geared to showcase my collection at the Fashion Week which should happen by next year. Secondly, Kyra is quite a favorite in Middle East & Arab countries where the appreciation of these designs is quite high and is well accepted. Dubai & Thailand happens to be my big, rewarding & commercially successful markets and the response is beautiful & immense. These countries are very appreciative of royal Indian work on traditional wear. So, taking this royal design pattern to different parts of the world and establishing that acceptability is something I look forward to.

Traditional, heavy ethnic work is quite common with Hi-end designers of India, how do you carve your epitome there?

My epitome is the aesthetics of old work while keeping it absolutely wearable & not just limited to ramp wear. My work will showcase the hi-end wear which every woman who has traditional style in her heart, desires to grace it.  The collection will also have the niche in trousseau & couture exclusively crafted for all women.

What helps you define & design your beautiful collection?

Designing Indian traditional collection can be tricky and monotonous after some time so while I keep the hues which look complementing to the unique skin tones we have, with a little quirky twist to it, I keep the silhouettes which will fall graciously on the curvaceous bodies we have.

You have stepped on a very different path, how was the transition from a corporate life to being a designer?

Actually, quite smooth I shall say! Infact, I am quite thankful to my family & friends who stood by me when I took a complete U-turn in my career. I always loved designing and the Indian traditional clothes, so I guess it just started flowing in from me.

What do you love doing in your free time?
Love reading but whenever I am really stressed music really de-stresses me. Travelling to European countries always bring me peace and relaxes me thoroughly.

What else do u enjoy doing apart from your work? What is your hobby?

I love designing so in my past time I do interior designing; I make houses a home to be. I am more of a hospitable person so I have clubbed it and I am currently designing a luxurious resort in the mystic hills of Himachal. 

Well that’s a news for all die hard fans of Bhavna, she wouldn’t only make you look Gorgeous but also your beautiful abodes. 

This Lovely Lady while dresses up the Royal Ladies of our times, we got a little personal and got some her favorites:

Favorite Food: Love Rajma Rice, can live on this food

Favorite Salon & Spa: I definitely believe in spa, relaxation and rejuvenation but indulge in it while I am holidaying

Make-up Artist: Not really a fan of any established expert, I prefer trying the new

Favorite Destination: European Countries
Your Favorite Designer & Why: Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani & Ritu Kumar for Indian essence they carry immaculately in their designs

What is your favorite & comfy piece you step out in for a relaxed day?

Well, I prefer dressing up in Indian attires & sometimes I would go to work in simple yet quirky palazzos & kurti.

So my Dear Fans, let Bhavna take you on Royal Trip & make you look like a Princess the way you always secretly desired, and, this just doesn’t end here. For all those who looking forward to a luxurious & a royal holiday in the midst of clouds & snow, they are welcome to visit the upcoming Luxury Resort in the beautiful environs of Himachal by the end of this year.


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