5 Ways to Find your Perfume

A beautiful enigmatic fragrance is every girl’s secret weapon but finding your true signature scent is quite a task.  Every time we start using a new perfume, we hope this is “The One” but after wearing it for a few days, the obsession wears off and so does the perfume. we start hunting for a new one.

So when do sign off any perfume as your signature scent?  Beauty experts across the world stamp “the mental and emotional connect with your perfume“.  Women who understand the true essence of perfumes have a common feeling when it comes to identifying their signature scent. “They know it when they have found their special scent as it reminds them of who they are, what they once were and how far they have come and the strong they have become.”

Bright and colourful, Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is a floral delight you will be pulled to.  It was developed by Dior’s in-house perfumer Francois Demachy announced it as the edition that opens with bright fruity notes, intended for cheerful women who love life.Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

The top notes comprise of tangy Red Berry which is so joyful and striking. Its core bathes in a sublime duet of Grasse Roses, and Damascus Roses embraces a sensuous Peony accord. This infinite blooming of fresh flowers is comforted in a base of White Musk notes. A positive and joyful harmony for a playful and irresistible Miss Dior.

It is a sexier, more passionate and more modern scent of modern women. Its sweet fruitiness evolves into a soft floral aroma like a woman’s true nature.

The composition is comprised of three layers: red berries, Centifolia May rose from Grasse and peony, as well as pleasing hint of white musk.

Are you set to find your special fragrance and commit for your entire life for it? After a detail analysis and trials, these 5 tips will help you narrow down and select your signature fragrance.


If you have done your research and by now have an idea of the kind of scents you like, try categorising them under either Floral, Fruity, Woody or Earthy. While trying enquire and search for the specific notes the perfume has. If you like a more floral scent, opt for something with rose or peony, or if you prefer something fruity, try something with berries.


To find out your true fragrance, you need to spend time with it. A fragrance with good sillage (the French term for a perfume trail)  is something  you should always consider before buying. A perfume which represents you and ignites a certain memory or feeling in you and people around can be easily classified as your signature scent.


Before investing in a perfume it is always advisable to know the notes of your perfume as the composition of your perfumes smells differently after every few hours. Notes are descriptors of scents that can be sensed upon the application of a perfume and are separated into three classes; top/head notes, middle/heart notes, and base notes.

Know Your notes

The notes can differ from each other hence knowing your perfume notes is very important and by the end of it, if you are not feeling fresh and enthusiastic about it, it is certainly not the one meant for you. 


Your signature scent has a serious responsibility, yes it does, your perfume should make you lively even on dull, depressing, tiring and a challenging day. But does it really fulfil all these duties with heart? My personal experience says it does! Time and again it has delivered its responsibilities of being my true scent.


perfume and intimacy

After all you are going to spend your life with it! Your Signature Perfume should compliment you and your dressing table. Every time you look at it, it should be able to invite you to get physical and you should get pulled purely by its enigmatic looks.

And one last thing to remember, your  signature scent should evoke your emotions and those around you without even seeing you!

Mine is Calvin Klien Eternity Have you found your signature scent yet? Comment below:


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