7 Magic Tricks To Stab Your PMS…

You are so nice, loving & caring and everybody recognizes that too. However, there are a few days when you want to shut down the world( if you had that power) or may be go invisible and those are the days when you are going through your PMS…
Your Pre-Menstrual Syndrome is something which Men, for some reason, can’t really understand so though you are sweet & nice otherwise, when PMSing you want to carry a placard with you which says “Back Off”.
Especially women who are working have this serious challenge of balancing their work lives and their emotional distress.
As a working women, we go through  this phase every month, ironically, almost 15 days a month 😉 and trust me no matter what we do it just doesn’t come under control!
You are bitchy, sad, depressed, irritated, bloated, craving for all the sweets, chocolates, pizzas and I don’t know what all.
You want people to pamper you all the more but you end up becoming the witch that nobody dares to come close to. How many times have you overheard your colleague saying, “Ignore her, she is a Bitch, Must be PMSing” and trust me I never liked it in fact hated it.
So, lets do something this month to at least wear a pleasant mask for those 15 days (hell, why only we women have to go through it). 
My personal tips for all those girls out there and believe me it might or might not curb much of your PMS mode but it will definitely elevate your mood:
1. Wear Red Lipstick
Yes, it helps! In case you are not a Red color girl then try Shocking Pink or Fuschia Pink Red is one of the most powerful colors of all. It instantly attracts attention and makes you look like a real diva which you really are and goes without saying don’t forget to carry that Oomph Factor with you…
 PMSing...7 Tricks To Stab It Now
2. Kick Boxing

I can swear on God it works amazingly and if you are not that tuff type, try yoga poses esp Simhasana(lion) pose it gives great relief as it lets out any suppressed emotions also you would be able to hear yourself ROAR like Katty Perry. Meditation is equally good, pacifies you and controls the unexpected outbursts we don’t seem to have any control on.Young woman practicing kickboxing at the gym

3. One Size plus Wardrobe
Hell yeah!when you feel you have bloated like a frog and nothing in your wardrobe will fit you, this trick really helps (else go on a healthy hi-fibre, loads of liquid (without added sugar and salt) and Vitamin C diet, choice is yours). But it sure does make you feel sorted and not bloated.ASOS-Curve-Top-235x300
4. Meditate 
Yes, this helps…very silently! It is scientifically proven that meditation pacifies your mind, balances your overall being, your hormones, your mood and your capacity to handle bullshit!!
If you can’t meditate thoroughly, then before dozing off, trying 10 minutes of uninterrupted deep breathing while keeping your focus between you brows (that’s where your Ajna Chakra is which controls your hormones)
 unwind before bed
5. Walking & Running 
These are like magical words for letting out any physical distress and keeps you happy. When you run or walk briskly it not only removes toxins but also your emotional distress like stress, anxiety, panic, depression, sadness, unnecessary emotions. The benefits just don’t stop there… you look good, loose weight (when done regularly with proper diet), your skin glows due to oxygenation (fresh oxygen). Trust me if you regularly follow this, you will get enough compliments to help you sail through your days.
6. Indulgence
Treat your self with a Spa Therapy,Hydro Therapy, Manicure-Pedicure Sessions, Hair Spa etc.which makes you feel pampered and like a princess. Don’t hold yourself back as these treatments make you feel good and relaxed. So go ahead treat yourself with a well deserved therapy.spawatertherapy
7.Talk to your BFF
That is why they are call BFFs. They will not only listen to your crap but will also tell you that you are talking bullshit and still would be all ears to continue hearing your story. Also, because (in case it is a Girl Friend) she herself goes through the same and knows you will be there for her too. Unless, both of you are PMSing at the same time, well, I hope not!!BFF talking
 Hope these tried & tested (on me and my friends) tricks help you in handling your PMS better next time and going forward in life, friends & colleagues around you don’t have to avoid you in your PMSing Phase. Because you are indeed a beautiful person!
Keep Smiling & Keep Blushing… 🙂

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