Secret Beauty Ingredient of Princesses and Queens

I am reminded of the beautiful and melodious song “Chandan sa badan” when every my eyes  get even a glimpse of anything with sandalwood as an ingredient in it. Sandalwood, since times unknown Sandalwood has been considered the secret beauty ingredient for all the Princesses & the Queens. This product not only has beauty benefits but also is enriched with medicinal and ayurvedic properties. No wonder, this rare product went scarce and now women who really understand beauty & the skin ageing have this product kept in their closet & is very secretly used. 

While my mom was always in favor of skin maintenance and believed in ageing gracefully, she always enforced the same understanding on me. To be honest she is blessed with a princess like skin which glows till date with her basic beauty routines and though she compliments me that I have inherited her skin, I still believe I am not even close to her skin clarity, pinkness, glow and fairness.

Seeing her glow always, I wondered & often asked her about her secret for this glow and she would always tell me “just the basics and being close to nature can get you this skin glow”. When I entered my teenage she introduced me to this Magical Product Sandalwood Powder”. 

Till date even I am nearing 30 my skin maintains its clarity & glow! Here is why I strongly recommend Sandalwood Powder as you secret Face Pack especially in summers.

Sandalwood covers all the ‘A’s – it is astringent, antiseptic, anti-phlogistic, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. it’s a a wonder product that can be used to treat everything from sunburn and acne to puffiness and dull skin.

  • Sandalwood Powder & Rose Water paste helps clear skin pigmentation and scars
  • The paste also helps  in underarm skin whitening 
  • Brimming with anti-oxidants, sandalwood also finds its way into the anti-ageing spectrum as it improves blood circulation and removes toxins.
  • A sandalwood paste scrub will not only cool your body, it will also even out your skin tone
  • The cooling properties of Sandalwood Powder penetrates the skin & clears it from within. It doesn’t work artificially on just the upper layer of skin as any other product.

I personally suggest using Ayur Sandal Face Pack & Dabur Gulabari for making a paste as these two products are quite trustworthy and have given me umpteen benefits when comes to my skin glow and clarity. 


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