And That’s The "Story" of Ladies Night

Its Thursday Night Ladies & you have already had a tough week with meetings and your head spinning with numbers, targets and reports…Here comes the charm of Ladies Night, Story Club +The Westin Gurgaon  your personal Rescue Ranger is here with a host of International Female  DJs who will extract every bit of your stress, anxiety and worries by injecting you with some awesome  music medicine along with a host  of most delectable, appetizing and sumptuous food and free drinks. As Story Club’s punchline reads “Our Taps Never Go Dry For Ladies”.Each Thursday Night themed as #HelloJello Ladies Nights! @ Club Story will allow you to melt in music, dance and outrageous party with your Besties!

On the 7th of May as I entered my Super Favorite Story Club, Westin Gurgaon, I was immediately surrounded by sizzling hot numbers being played by Hot and Sexy DJ Gouri in this sweaty hot season on the most happening floor of Gurgaon and believe me you, that was just the starting of my coolest May evening getaway.
Club Story @ Westin, Gurgaon reflects an enchanting & spell casting aura with its unique interiors & finesse,an array of International Drink Concoctions or should I call them the Spirited Potions, served by most polite and happy Mixologists as they call them,  I bet you will be bound to let your guards down, relax and groove in the mystic ether of Drinks & Dance.  

As the evening further slipped into the intoxicating mode, DJ Gouri switched the oomph factor for the Girls Gang present on the dance floor and made them melt into the groovy numbers. With her unique style  she brought out the young, sexy & chic Girl in every Lady’s heart. Her Style, Class, Charm and Spontaneity was absolutely in sync with the soul of Story Club, fitting perfectly.

The finest tantalizing food menu with leave your gut asking for more, it is indeed a pleasurable & orgasmic experience with their food options. Personally I would suggest you to try their cheesy & juicy Stuffed Jalapenos, Cheese & Bell Pepper filled Chicken Sausages and Murgh Tikka Kareli out of their amazing & so difficult to choose from menu..Pheeww! 
And here’s another good news Ladies, going forward all your Thursdays evenings @ Story Club have been dedicated to “Hello Jello Ladies Nights” to allow yourself to let loose and have fun with your friends, your friends’ friends and your friends friends friends too and all this, while you swing your waists to the best of the Lady DJs who with their mind blowing collections from around the world will make you dance till you drop. 
Another sensational essence of these Ladies Night is that unlike other Clubs & Lounges who might just offer you free alcohol, Story serves you the best of the Concoctions & Potions mixed by master-blenders and expert mixologists leaving you not only wonderfully intoxicated but also with a lingering taste and aroma. Without any doubt I enjoyed the most unforgettable evening with my besties at Story Club and secretly waiting for the next THURSDAY, to allow me to Relax, Unwind and Chill @Story Club… 

#Go Absolutely Thirsty & Hungry…for that Sinful Indulgence
Caution: Do not forget to inform your Husbands/Boyfriends that You will be coming late on Thursday Nights!!


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