3 Awesome Ways to Wake Up Early Without Feeling Sluggish

And, by Early I mean around 6-7 a.m. not 4 or 5 a.m. And above all, in our never-ending list of things we dislike, waking up early is right up there with airplane snorers and the end of summer Fridays. It’s not so much the early wake-up call, though, as it is the groggy, zombie-like state that comes with it. You know the feeling: that sluggish, exhausted “I’d give up my life savings to sleep for 10 more minutes” state of alertness (or rather, lack thereof) that usually accompanies early mornings—or, like, every morning.

By now, I’ve mastered how to fall asleep more quickly, so why shouldn’t we also know how to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed?
Keep scrolling to find out all the things you should do to wake up feeling more alert! 

First things first—before you figure out how to kick your morning grogginess to the curb, you should understand why you feel that way. “Most people are sluggish when they initially wake up due to something we call ‘sleep inertia,’” Experts say. “Sleep inertia is that period of time—it typically ranges from 30 to 60 minutes—immediately after waking that your body feels heavy and your brain a bit foggy. Some people might also feel a big grumpy.” Yes, yes, and yes—that all sounds exactly like the range of our morning emotions. But here’s something new: Experts say that though most people experience a short period of sleep inertia, it might be more intense for people who are night owls than those who are morning people.

(Don’t cry, night owls—we’ve got some tricks to help yourself become more like a morning person.)
Kick out that grogginess with these real fixes:

Brighten Up

Woman opening up bedroom curtain in the morning

Each time your alarm goes off this week, get up and fling your curtains open to let light in. Why? “Getting bright light first thing in the morning can be super helpful in anchoring your biological clock to a regular time, “Ultimately, this will lead to more morning alertness and less intense sleep inertia.” suggest Experts.

2. Wake Up Consistently


There would be hardly anyone you will find who actually loves or enjoys the sound of their alarm—but remember your best alarm is your internal clock. “If you consistently wake up at the same time every day using an external alarm, you may find that after a few weeks, your body will naturally wake you 10 to 20 minutes before your alarm sounds,”And yes, this—unfortunately—includes weekends. Use whatever alarm helps facilitate you waking at the same time every day—weekday and weekend.

3. Make Time To Unwind

Well, it isn’t actually as important that you reach out to your bed at the same time every night as it is to give your brain and body time to unwind before bed— is ideal.  “The best rule of thumb would be to stop working, doing housework and using electronic devices, at the same time each night in order to give your brain and body time to unwind.” After you’ve had 30 to 60 minutes to unwind and prepare for sleep, you can head to bed—but only if you’re feeling sleepy. If you try to force yourself to go to bed before you feel tired, it can result in difficulty falling asleep and a groggier morning.unwind before bed

Treat yourself with these 3 amazing tricks & have a wonderful morning everyday!!

Do let me know if you plan to incorporate these tricks in your routine!

Wake Up Early, Wake Up Happy & Keep Blushing 🙂


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