Perfect Pout with Dark Lipsticks

I do not have a very fair complexion and as like any other girl I always wanted to wear Dark Lipsticks and carry them off like a super gorgeous model. But, aahhh!!! the rigmarole one has to go through is enough to put any girl off and drop the decision of carrying off dark color lips…

Sounds like your story too…Don’t sweat anymore…few tips & tricks and you can pull off the perfect shade of deep, dark lip colors for your skin tone this Fall as they look remarkably chic.

So girls go ahead announce your arrival and let the world make way for the Diva you are!!!

Here are a few Do’s & Dont’s…


DO prep your lips properly by exfoliating and moisturizing before application. This make the color go on smoother and last longer.

DON’T apply dark lipstick on dry, chapped lips. The color will crack and flake off–not a good look.

DO line your lips with a lip pencil similar in color to your lipstick first. This allows you to establish the boundaries of your lip and the pencil helps hold the color in place.make-your-lipstick-last_84637

DON’T apply it straight from lipstick bullet. Instead, use a lip brush to give you control over the application, correct blend and color intensity.

DO clean up mistakes and perfect the edges of your lip line with concealer for a polished finish. Wine colored smears tend to ruin the drama of a dark lip.

Apply LipConcealer

DON’T forget about your eyes. Defined brows, clean liner and lots of mascara pair well with dark lips. For eye shadow, choose a light shimmery bronze or taupe to play up the eyes without stealing focus from the lips.
eyebrow shapes
DO add a little color to the cheeks to brighten up the face.  Light blush will highlight your face without taking the focus off your lips.

DON’T forget to do a teeth check! DO pick a shade you love…

lipstick on teeth

Wear your smile with confidence and that will turn you into a Diva,indeed!!

I am planning on wine color this fall, how about you? Will you wear dark lipstick this fall? If so, tell us your favorite hue below.


5 thoughts on “Perfect Pout with Dark Lipsticks

  1. My 2 favorites for this fall are Revlon’s Raisin Rage, it goes pretty well with my light to medium completion with freckles and golden brown hair. For extra drama I love Milani’s Black Cherry! I have so many dark shades I live but these are my 2 favorite right now! 🙂

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