Once in a Blue Moon Opportunity for your Hair & Beauty

July 31, 2015 will see a Blue Moon in the sky!

You must be wondering why is it even important for us? Well Girls, whether you believe or not there is a scientific approach to this and the rituals do nothing but amplify the energies moon casts upon us. It affects weather,create tides in ocean and influences earthquakes. And, since the human body is made up of 80% water and if we closely monitor we see the same minerals of ocean found in our body , hence,there is no way you will not be under the magical energy spell of moon.moon-ritual for beautyThe moon represents the feminine, the emotional and the nurturing aspects in our lives. Many cultures and people believe in following the cycles of the moon from planting crops and harvesting, through to when they get their hair cut. The moon radiates her energy to us in the most amazing cycles of waxing and waning, bringing in and releasing, just like the tides of our oceans, constant, rhythmic and soothing.

Working with the moon energy can be as simple or complicated as you choose it to be.

On this very rare day, like once in a blue moon day, why not capture (tap) the energies of moon for our health & beauty rituals. These  simple yet highly effective ways to bring the moon magic into your daily life.

I have been practicing this ritual for years now and the effects and benefits I have reaped from it are beyond explanations. My intent was always for the good though as moon energies are very calm & pure hence they do not benefits anything carrying negative intentions. the concept is very simple and we can replicate the same in our health & beauty habits and see the results as the moon graduates to next lunar phase.

Few benefits I reaped with being in sync with moon phases, I wanted to share  with my beautiful girls & followers today as this is a once in a Blue Moon opportunity!!

  • Healthy Weight Loss

How it works is quite simple!

Weight Loss

With every passing day the moon declines and fades if you put your intention strongly, you can actually loose quite a substantial amount of weight in next few months. Though the ritual needs to be repeated as we tend to wander from our intentions over a period of time hence reinforcement on every following Full Moon Nights. The cosmic intention then works for your betterment ans you will see how you beautifully start your healthy food habits, fitness & workout regime with your internal mechanism absolutely in sync with cosmic forces to loos that extra weight you have been carrying since long now!!

I have lost 8 Kgs in 3  months and I am on my recommended weight now with best habits & still healthy!!

 Guide To The Lunar Phases For Your Beauty Rituals…

When the Moon is growing in the sky (also known as waxing,) the rate of hair growth is rapid, and any cut or trim will only serve to keep those luscious locks flowing freely. This is the case right up until the Full Moon hour, when la Lune is at its most powerful (and I think that’s the very best time for a haircut).

To take advantage of the momentum of the Moon and it’s supportive phase for growth, you must cut hair during the waxing moon phase (within a week after New Moon in the sky), not thereafter.


The Waxing Phase is also the optimum time to rejuvenate and repair the skin, replenishing it with all the good stuff like gorgeous vitamin enriched moisturisers. Your skin and hair is more absorbent during this time, and your nails grow faster too.

Conversely, once the Full Moon has shined brightly in the night sky to its optimum, it starts to ‘wane’.

The Waning Phase will see hair slow its pace of growth, as will nails and skin. Repair is slightly harder to achieve on cuts and grazes and skin is less absorbent. However, it is a prime time to detox and draw out any of the bad stuff you want to get rid of – sweat it out in the sauna Girl! Go to town with mud packs, and if you use those little pore strips you’ll like the results better now – those blackheads will walk out of your nose on a Waning Moon! Treat yourself with finishing processes which no longer serve purpose for you!

If you want a haircut to retain it’s shape (some people don’t like going to the hairdresser or barber all the time,) then have your haircut during the Waning Moon, as hair cut now will grow more slowly.moon-ritual for beauty

So, that’s after the Full Moon but within a week .

By the time we’re teetering into the New Moon (again suggested time is within a week after the full moon), you have the very best time to wax, pluck or thread. Exfoliate and get rid of any unwanted body bits before it arrives because they’ll be slower to return, see?

Another fact for you, our pain threshold is lower on a Full Moon and blood flows more freely, another reason to avoid a wax around the Full Moon!

Full Moon

The Full Moon itself is prime for cutting your hair so it grows thicker, faster and longer, a manicure or file down will result in nails that are strong and grow quickly too. So book your appointment right away girls!!

DON’T WAX as it could be more painful now, and it grow back rapidly and possibly thickermoon-ritual for beauty_wax

Full Moon Ritual

To create your full moon  ‘ritual’, or your own sacred releasing find a quiet moment or place or maybe visit a place in nature that you connect to.

Light a candle


Light a stick of incenseincense_sticks_250x250

Take  a deep Breath….Breathe into your heart space

Take a few deep slow breaths and ask your inner guidance for clarity-then begin to write down on paper what you wish to release from your life, what no longer serves you, what you would like to be free from.

When you finish writing, complete the document with ‘AND IT IS SO’ and sign it with the day’s date and your signature.Take a moment to hold to your heart for the clearest intention, you then burn it, watching the smoke rise to the universe taking your intentions with it.signature


For the following few weeks, know that your intentions have been heard and answered.

And, Girls don’t forget to share your experiences with me and feel free to ask any specific query you have in your mind before doing this ritual…


Keep Blushing!!!


5 thoughts on “Once in a Blue Moon Opportunity for your Hair & Beauty

  1. Hi, it is very interesting. I have a question.
    1. If you wanna lose weight, what exactly to you write on paper? I wish to lose weight ,or i am gonna be 10 kg lighter or…?
    2. shouldnt it be done in waning phase- to lose something or get rid of it?

    sorry for my english 🙂


    1. It will be indeed in waning phase which is after Full Moon… You can write on a piece of paper that I am loosing weight from today onwards, as the moon starts declining my weight will reduce along with it. I will be healthier happier leaner and by the end of 6 months I will be 10kgs lighter”.
      Please remember that you would need to repeat this every month during waning gibbous and later you would need to put in right efforts and inculcate habits that will speed up the process… Also remember to have complete faith in your intention!!


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