L’Oreal 6 Oil Nourish Extraordinary Oil Review: Discover Here

So, finally as promised here I am with my review of L’Oreal 6 Oil Nourish Extraordinary Oil  for all you Beautiful Gurls. And, before I forget to mention it I have used this oil twice to see the real results, so go ahead read the useful insights below before you pick up this product.
Your hair is beautiful. Make it Extraordinary! Claims L’Oreal 6 Oil Nourish Extraordinary Oil and it also claims that the oil has been scientifically created to give your hair the nourishment it truly deserves with 3 Traditional Oils and 3 Exotic Oils providing 6 specific benefits.
Few Stated Benefits: Almond oil makes your hair thick, coconut oil makes your hair manageable, Argan oil gives your hair strength, Jojoba oil gives shiny hair, Olive oil makes your hair strong & soft and Camelina oil beautifully smoothens your hair!


Very light & amazingly fragrant hair oil, getting easily absorbed and leaves hair feeling so soft. 
My Experience:
It Holiday time for me when I realized that one of the things I have forgotten to pack is my hair oil and since it is a long holiday, different cities water can have different impact on my hair. And, then I had to but an oil so L’Oreal 6 Oil Nourish Extraordinary Oil became my choice as the bottle looked so fascinating that I picked it up & read the impressive labels but Whoa….Mineral Oil is the main ingredient like in any other oil however had to choose amongst the balance mineral oil based hair oils, Ofcourse, L’Oreal wins there.
You know when you have worked in the Marketing & Communications department where your company was also manufacturing hair oils you know every bit of its ingredients, hence this review!
This golden color bottle, golden color oil and this amazing fragrance looked so Super Luxurious that its worth having once in your lifetime but you don’t need a hair oil for that rather you look for some serious nourishment, right?
So, the nourishment part, the oil gets easily absorbed and an overnight application made it look like as if no oil was put in my hair, though I could feel a little greasiness and a lot of fragrance even after the night. Remember, the quantity required for pre wash is quite much and since I am blessed with long hair, it was quite a lot of it on my scalp & hair.
After Wash Experience: I would say I was quite skeptical and I am not super excited about the results…though When I was washing my hair, it overall gave me pretty soft soft feeling during the wash. After the hair wash regime and post drying my hair, there was no remarkable difference in my hair silkiness but there was softness in my hair and shine was 5 on a scale of 10.

However there is another benefit of this oil, this oil can also be used as after wash serum or as a styling oil, which we generally use to tame our unruly hair and is an excellent oil for hair styling but be sure of the quantity you use, it has to be really small amount while styling your hair, it works a hair protectant!!

Long term regular usage might give you some temporary benefits and changes in the quality of your hair, but I have my own doubts. So, I am just going to stick to my Pure Almond Oil & keep this bottle as my styling oil because there it is Great!!

Healthy Hair Tip: Please remember that none of the oils whose main ingredient is Mineral Oil can’t be really good for your hair as Mineral Oil is a liquid by-product of petroleum to produce gasoline & other petroleum based products from crude oil, hence, it is quite obvious that it can’t bring any benefit to our hair. It is suggested to invest in good pure oil may it be Olive, Coconut, Almond, Jojoba or even Mustard Oil for your hair. 

Do let me know your experience and if you found this useful, would love to hear your thoughts and also drop your requests in case you want me to review any product!

Price & Quantity: Rs 199 for 100 ml


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