Its Not Summer Its Fendi Season This Year

This season if there is anything Trendy, that’s FENDI, my lovely Fashionistas! From the Shoes, to Your Sunglasses or may be Your Statement Piece, its a Perfect Summer Look & worth falling for!

When it comes to shoes, haven’t we always tried figuring out whether this new trendy shoe is comfy or not? Well, Comfy just got fashionable with this season with hottest flat from Fendi: The Fabulous Espadrille – perhaps the most comfy shoe in the world. 

For every Girl, every statement you want to make, there’s an Espadrille for every occasion, just remember no socks and try not to get caught in the unexpected rains this season!  I  just love the way they can be paired with shorts, skirts and jeans and yet look so different with each pairing…The Orchids version is very feminine, harmonic and elegant. It is made of a printed crepe satin material with details in black gros grain and  nappa leather in contrast.
The FENDI Roma version is instead a more bold, colored and sporty version. A multi-color print on canvas with details in colored nappa leather that make it more fresh.

Perfect for both a summer casual day but also for a special evening!

Then there is, The Orchedia Sunglasses which I also talked about in one of my blogs that how it was the piece declaring the feminism & sensuality. Also, how these sunglasses have been designed intricately with the inspiration deriving from the exotic orchids embroidered on the new ready-to-wear and accessory collection.

And, then the final & the Stylish Yet Super Duper Cute Statement Piece, our very popular fur friend who is the perfect companion for your bag, the evergreen Karlito!  Last season, it was Fendi’s fur pom-pom where it was quite clear that Fendi’s Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld is set to be next season’s hottest accessory. Behold, It has become this season’s Trendiest Accessory, the Karlito Bag Charm

The Karlito Collection has a range of products featuring black and white sweatshirts, cool jeans, a shawl, sneakers, a fur hat, a shopping bag, a studded backpack, a fun i-phone cover, and last, but of course not least, Karlito and mini Karlito. Each piece features an iconic flourish of fur across both the body and crest in vibrant colors ranging from fuchsia to turquoise.

We all need a touch of #Karlito in our lives!

Available to buy as a preview in Europe on FENDI’s digital boutique on from beginning of May … and in FENDI Boutiques starting from mid May 2015.

From Celebrities to Fashion Freaks, everyone is dressed in Fendi this season! Are You??

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