New Name of Shopping is Now Apping….Try It The Myntra Way

So you are all ready to go hunting for the dress you wanna wear at your dearest cousin’s party this weekend… And now the hunt begins…

The good question is how far can the limited hours which you have for your shopping can take you?

You try & try & try… not able to pin on a single dress you feel worthy of wearing that evening which will make you look stunning and outstanding… not to forget you also need to hunt for the right accessories and your lingerie too.

The little time you have in your busy lives, can be spent on activities which relaxes & rejuvenates you, rather than exhausting your precious hours and valuable money in looking for that one thing! I am sure you agree with me there, as we all are always looking forward to steal that little time for ourselves!

Technology has Changed it All!!

Good News is that you live in an era of something called “Wearable Technology”…you can choose from a broad spectrum of products, read reviews to know the experience of people who have consumed it earlier, get mouth-watering offers you simply can’t deny and over & above the convenience of exchanging or even returning, in case it didn’t work for you!
Product Return or Exchange is something which was practically unheard of in our country before this “wearable technology” era…
Technology Brings in Convenience like Never Before!!

The convenience of choosing has become so awesomely easy that now you can even choose as you poop…smelly but true!

This is how it works:

· You want to choose a right dress and matching accessory for your business meet or an amazing trousseau for your Best Friend’s Wedding, and here you are alone trying to figure out how can you look awesome and astounding, don’t you think you need a fashion mentor who can give you that awesome look?

  • Girls, Good News again! The best in town, fashion experts, stylists, makeover experts and the beauty experts are there at your beck and call to lend their helping hand even when you are on the go…

  • And sadly you missed the latest trend showcased at the Fashion Show this season, well, good news again girls…you can access it all…without letting anybody know that you did and yes you can boast about it to all your Girls Gang and get all the praises and raised eyebrows..

  • Above all, with all the scandals going around You don’t want to try the new collection in the TRIAL ROOMS… try them in the safe environment of your home
  • And It is quite true that “fashion through technology on the move is the next big thing in Fashion World”…the designs, the trends, the competitive rates, excellent offers all come in one package with fashion technology…therefore “technology of fashion” is all out to reach a wider audience and we will soon see lots and lots and lots of fashion everywhere!

A new era in Fashion is being unfolded by Myntra, which is going all App way to bring to you the comfort of “Anytime Shopping”, a personalized fashion guide & loads of Offers; enjoy your personal Fashion Friend #Itspersonal the Myntra way at

The future is not fashion on technology but technology which will majorly survive on fashion, so Girls Stay Fresh, Stay Fashionable, Stay Trendy and Updated…Look stunning, explore all the fashion updates, trends & offers on Myntra App.

Share your views on fashion & technology, Myntra App and become a part of Fashion & Shopping Revolution!


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