Find your Perfect BFF, I Mean Your Bra!

As any other inquisitive 13 year old, I also started searching my answers to the concept, use and necessity of wearing a bra, an inner-wear which has a lot mystery associated to in our Indian society and culture. As an athlete I always understood the deep requirement of wearing this inner-wear, perhaps more than other girl of my age and luckily for me it was my Mom’s understanding and openness-to-discuss nature that I in that young age was able to deeply understand the importance and wonderful complementing aspect of this inner wear. And henceforth, the journey of exploring this particular piece of cloth began. I would search, read and understand more & more about it, and while all this was happening I was growing up and around me I realized that girls do face a serious challenge in selecting their bras and mostly end up choosing the wrong one for themselves resulting not only in loosing their perfect shape even at an early age but also their self-confidence and image. 
Through this blog, I would like to highlight certain mistakes most of us make while choosing their personal lingerie piece and guidelines on  how to find a perfect fit for yourself and leave worries back in your closet!
First things first-When was the last time you replaced your bra?.. If the answer is more than a year, you need a re-fit. .Over 80% of the women in India buy incorrect bras. Lingerie is the hardest working garment one owns. As the foundation for your perfect wardrobe, the condition, style, and fit of your bra should be of utmost priority – but for many of us, it’s just an after-thought. While friends always recommend styles and brands that they use, it is important for one to understand their own body shape before buying the same bra. Each woman is different and needs to identify styles that suit her body the best. Buying a well fitting bra can take some time and here I will help you find that perfect bra!

Basic Mistakes While Buying a Bra

1.       Bra sizes vary according to the brand and it is very important to try before you buy! One must always check the fit and style of the bra before buying. Online option is good for repeating the same pattern in case you liked one style or piece more than any other.
2.  In our society we have a habit of consulting everybody as if everybody is an expert. So next time when your friend tells you that this new piece, new style or a new brand is in vogue, remember, the style of bras which fit your friends body will also compliment your body. Try different styles for yourself to see what compliments your body and makes your ensemble look complete.

3.       If you want a new type or style that you haven’t worn before, it is a good idea to try it out because a new fit will not sit the same way on every woman even within the same size. 
4.       Most women feel embarrassed to ask for help when shopping for lingerie. Store consultants at the store are trained to ensure that you buy a product with that suits your body and has a perfect fit. So go ahead and ask questions, the Lingerie Consultants will be more than happy to help!

What To Look For in Your Perfect Bra?

1.       Look at the shape it creates for your bust, when looking down at your bust from the top the two mounds should not be pointing outwards.
2.       Check your bra fit from all angles, looking at your side view in the mirror your breasts should not be sagging but look lifted up from the rib.
3.       Ensure that your bra straps are adjusted to ensure that your breasts are lifted and look perky.   

Problems Due To Wearing Incorrect Bras 

1.       When a bra is too tight or too small, it rides up your back, creating pressure on your shoulders. Ensure that the band of the bra is just right so that it doesn’t ride up.
2.       If the cup size is too small it creates bad looking bulges and dents above the neckline which show through clothes. Bulges could also be created below the bust and in the armhole areas.
3.       When the cup size is too big there will be no proper support, there will be loose pocket and wrinkling in the case of non padded cups and in the case of padded styles the edge of the neckline may gape and poke through the outer wear creating a distinct line.
4.       If the under bust curve is too small (small cup size) the fit may hurt the breast tissue- this is especially true in case of under-wire styles in the wrong size as the wire will be sitting on breast tissue rather than on the rib cage where it is meant to fit.
5.       Strap problems are usually easily solved by adjusting the length with the ring and slider that is attached- many women however fail to do this and end up with straps that either keep sliding off or get uncomfortable from straps that are too tight.
How to measure for the right fit?

1.       Hold the tape with centimeter side up and measure tightly below the bust, around the rib cage. The centimeter reading gives you the under-bust and size measurement when you see it against the size chart at stores.( eg .74 cm would be under 34 size)
2.       Now measure around the fullest area of the bust with the tape held horizontally across from back to front, but not too tight. This centimeter measurement needs to be checked on the chart tallying with your size as per under-bust (in the above example in the 34 size a 90 cm over-bust would be a B cup)
Remember, in standard size, your cup size falls in the + 5 inches  of your under bust size (measured in inches), however, always refer the formal chart and try before you invest in a perfect piece.
How to Wear You Bra Correctly so it Fits Perfectly

1.       Loop the straps onto your shoulders
2.       Lean forward till your bust fill the cups of the garment
3.       Straighten up and jiggle the underwire or under bust curve till it sits properly against rib cage. This is very important as a wrong fit in this area can result in the garment hurting the breast tissue
4.       Once the under bust area fits under the curve of the bust you can close the hook of the band
5.       If necessary make strap adjustments so it is neither too tight nor loose enough to slide down the shoulder.

A good fitting bra should feel like it’s barely there. Just there for support and modesty and to make you feel fabulous because it looks so good on you!
with helpful insights from Arpana Walters- Head of Design and Technical- Lingerie and Nightwear Design,Enamor

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