Fendi: Bad Dream Through Orchidea Sunglasses

Fendi celebrates the Spring/Summer 2015 Orchidea Eyewear Collection with the “Bad Dream” video starring singer Chlöe Howl. The full video will Premiere on May 7th, 2015. See the preview of the video on blushbyshalinie.blogspot.com 

FENDI indeed is super excited to preview its new video entitled ‘Bad Dream’ featuring British Singer Songwriter Chlöe Howl for the Spring/Summer 2015 Orchidea Sunglasses. The whimsical video takes its name from the singers upcoming new single to be released in next few days from her forthcoming album.

Declaring the feminism & sensuality, these sunglasses have been designed intricately with the inspiration deriving from the exotic orchids embroidered on the new ready-to-wear and accessory collection.

The Orchidea Sunglasses projects a stunning interplay between two frames floating and blending in together, like  the way an orchid that blossoms in a mix of colors and shapes. The oversize translucent butterfly shape features colorful cat-eye acetate, inserts outlining the eyes: the dazzling result of a skilful handmade craftsmanship, emphasized by architectural contrasts between smooth lines and sharp edges, with flat metal temples in refined enamel colors.

The palette includes beautiful combinations of transparent and vivid shades, recalling the colors of the subtle orchids, the new iconic décor of the Maison: crystal with black, khaki with pink, beige with burgundy, turquoise with white. 
The concept of these sunglasses are the quite like this unique video, it is a dreamlike portrayal of the ultimate car journey in time mirrored against Chlöe’s FENDI Orchidea Sunglasses, upon wearing them, a fantasy like atmosphere becomes almost reality against the beautiful luminescent and sometimes surreal landscape backdrops. It has been beautifully paired with her frank lyrics and rhythmic electro beats. 

Chlöe, who falls asleep in the backseat of a taxicab, experiences a series of promising contemplative moments,   where style and beauty crossover between a dream and reality like state, reflected across the surface of her FENDI Orchidea Sunglasses. 
Chloe Howl excitedly states, “I’m really pleased with the video I’ve made with Fendi for ‘Bad Dream’ to present their Orchidea Sunglasses range. It works really well with the song and my idea of style; we had fun making it too! I wrote the song with Joel Pott when I was 17, just after my family’s business had hit the rocks. It was a really tough time for my parents and I wanted to write a song that sent out the message that things are going to get better. I was listening to loads of different bands at the time – the Strokes, Foster The People – and wanted to write a song with a similar poppy, yet guitar based vibe,”. 

Full video to premiere from May 7th exclusively on  fendi.com   

These sunglasses are available at FENDI boutiques and selected high-end opticians worldwide.

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