Heart to Heart With Madhuritu, Co-Owner-Designer, MADSAMTINZIN

Gang of Girls, who swept the audience and took them in trance with their Ethereal Collection and played it all subtle yet was soul touching, are MADSAMTINZIN also known as M-S-T-Z.
Their mesmerizing collection swept the big screen in the movie Dolly Ki Doli, where the Bollywood heart-throb and  Fashion Icon Sonam Kapoor looked absolutely enchanting in MADSAMTINZIN’s awesome design creations, their real work & collection will also be seen in a  forthcoming movie “Hai Dil” where Monica Dogra will be donning their heart throbbing creations!
My dear friends here I present to you  an excerpt of my heart to heart conversation with Madhuritu Dutt, Co-Owner-Designer at MADSAMTINZIN, her works and personal contributions and their journey till date as a group of girls who are all out to make it real big in the world of Fashion!

Enjoy reading:
Who created this name for the brand…what inspired for this kind of a name?
For coming up with a name that strikes the chord, we brainstormed till eternity and all of a sudden during one of those brainstorming sessions’ we came up with this idea of keeping the initials and there it is…MADSAMTINZIN, MAD from Madhuritu Dutta, SAM from Saumya Sharma, TIN from Tina Bhardwaj and ZIN from Stanzin Dazes, completing the 4 quarters of MADSAMTINZIN!
How did u guys come together? Did you know each other from before?
We are together now since 10 years, since our school days! It is like we are married now…we are more like complementing each other with our strengths & weaknesses and standing by each other’s side.
As I see them:
Individually, Madhuritu is the romantic one, bringing in the creativity and imagination like the love blends in her every design
Saumya is the Purist of the Gang, she brings her interpretation & her vision to life with every design.
Tina is the Master Constructor of the lot while she herself is like a little tornado of energy, creativity and expresses her inner sense of style in every stroke of her work.
Stanzin is like The Constant, her sheer calmness and her contagious quirk can be seen in all of MADSAMTINZIN’s collection!
As individuals, everyone has their own forte & strengths, so how do u bring it together in your work?
Yes, we do have our fortes and strengths and I guess that’s what brings in the synchrony in our work. We have a strong similar sensibility when it comes to fashion & designing. When we are working we complement each other and when we step out of our studio we are best of the buddies and we respect each other for who we are and that definitely keeps the spark on in our work!
You have created your brand name in a short span of time, so do you think that working as a team of designers is always better?
Thank you so much for your compliment! If I honestly see this through I don’t think I can individually do & achieve what we have done so far! Personally if I had to create all of this, it would have taken me years but together we are a pool of energy which speeds up the entire process of conceptualization, designing, production, market research, and trends analysis, and in turn it helps us in keeping abreast with fashion seasons. And, yes it is lot more fun than working alone.
Where do u get your inspiration in terms of design fashion colors? Who inspires you? 
There are arrays of things we take our inspiration from. We travel around the world, from regular sightseeing, small little details of life and trust me there are endless things we get inspired from and we capture the essence of it in our collection. We always keep in our mind how a piece of work will look in a courtyard and then we design. For colors and our major patterns we definitely keep in the mind the Indian skin tone and the weather here which drives the tones & shades of our collection, ranging from fresh shades to traditional Indian colors like Turmeric, Red etc. And, if you see our Indo-Western collection, it is dominated with pastel shades which enhances the overall beauty and body shape…silhouettes which are flattering to Indian curvaceous bodies and something which we can wear in our daily lives.
How is your upcoming collection looking like and where from you have drawn its inspiration? 

Well, our next collection is to be thought through as we are still not over with our #LFW Lakme Fashion Week hangover 🙂 and what it had to offer! However, the experience & learning was so enriching that we have taken our lessons and you will see those elements in our next collection. Though in few words we can say that the Styling will be Strong, there will clever separates, intricate handwork (which is also our USP) and sense of wear-ability will be really high! Our Collection at #LFW was indeed ethereal however for ramp we would be pumping in some more appeal in our upcoming collection, while keeping our essence intact! It will be delicate work with strong sense of colors.
It will be like a “Capsule Collection”, a combination of Light work & Festive Collection!
What is your message as a team, for budding designers, and people who choose fashion industry as their career option?
I feel, for everybody, one thing which should keep them going on is the sense of exploration, don’t misunderstand fashion world, it can be glittery & glamorous from outside but inside is extreme hard work. You have to keep thinking out of the box & need to have a streak of quirk in you to come up with something you represent and not just copy! Think through every detail, every creation of yours, put your thoughts & imagination in such a blended way that the world says “Yea, this is awesome”!!!

For budding designers, it is very important for them to coin their individuality and yes, always remember your commercial side, never ignore it. Also, another element for Indian designers to always remember is “The Traditional Indian Wear”.

So guys, next time when you step in MADSAMTINZIN’s store be prepared to unveil your ethereal being and dive into some delicate work for yourselves, which will look amazingly flattering on your curvaceous bodies! Also, please note in case you are a pet lover you have another reason to visit the studio as there will be a warm welcome by a sweet, cute & loyal pet of theirs! So humane!

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