This Summer, Tickle with Pink

Flushed Cheeks, check!
Bubblegum Pout, check! 
Voluminized Lashes, check!

Freeze the heat this summer with softness of cool Ticklish Pink 

Is hot summer breeze blowing your mind out and extracting hydration from your soft lips and rosy cheeks. Well not to worry as I have in my closet some amazing guidance for you. Just follow the most romantic & latest beauty trend this season…Little Tickled Pink. Did I say Pink is in the Air…of-course I did say that. Lately I have been seeing this trend on our tinsel town girls like Anushka Sharma & Kangana Ranaut.  

By Now, I am sure that you also want those Anushka and Kangana looks and are thinking as to how to get them…am I right or am I right? Ladies allow me to take your sweat away and offer you the super easy ways to get this look right inside the privacy of your dresser – all you need is to pick the perfect pink for your skin tone.
Lets go by your skin tone and then, pick up shades which will enhance and brighten your looks..something you must never forget!

Light Skin Tone: To hide you undertones and that reddish natural flush, choose a color that blends with your natural look and makes you look even more bright

Peach Lipstick, beautifully touched with a blusher that’s got a hint of coral, is ideal for you because it helps blend your natural color with this carefully played colors. For the final touch, carefully brush you eye lashes with a hint of mascara!

Shop: Makeup Revolution London Treat Blush, 252; Meylon Apricot Peach Lipstick, 350;  L’oreal  Lash Architect 4D Mascara ₹ 795

Olive Skin Tone: In your case, if played well, make up colors get enhanced on your skin, so indulge in nude-ish pinks tones, Juicy Watermelon Shades and let these shades complement your warm skin tone. Match the lip color & blush tone and highlight your eyelashes for that oomph factor!

Shop: Makeup Revolution London Beloved Amazing Lipstick₹ 315; L’Oreal Paris True Match Pink Blush, 775, L’oreal  Lash Architect 4D Mascara ₹ 795

Dark Skin Tone: Looks like Hot Pinks were made for your skin tone only, this shades gets its glory when it touches your skin. Let your Lips indulge in a pop of colour & stick to blushes with a red under tone. You could also dust a hint of bronzer to highlight your sun-kissed complexion.
Shop: Glamcom Apricot Pink Lipstik599; Makeup Revolution London loved Me The Best Baked Blusher, 450,  L’oreal  Lash Architect 4D Mascara ₹ 795

Pro tip: Cheat the tickled pink trend with a cream based blush – it blends smoothly into your skin and doesn’t leave your cheeks looking patchy, however be careful if you have an oily skin

So, Girls, Go ahead indulgence in the color of love, Pink, and tickle around with your looks!


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