Stand Out with Aerodynamic Wedges Collection From Clarks

The Wow Wedge-With An Edge

This blog on season’s Wedges Collection, is strictly for women who are purely techno-chic. Women who blush on the sporty look and style of their collection, who feel confident in the athletic blend of their wardrobe, women who carry off the trend with high impact and women who want to stand out with a super-modern image this season.

Now, if you fall in that category, continue reading:

We all love to carry ourselves in the best of the heels but in our hearts, we all have a secret crush on wedges, right Girls?

They are so comfortable, so stylish, so classy and so impactful that we just can’t stop falling in love with them everytime we go shoe shopping. This season, Clarks gives us more than enough reasons  to indulge in Wedges shopping and flaunt your possessions among friends and admirers.

The collection called “Rosalie Pose” gives you a Statement Wedge which gets you a space-age upgrade for summer. The silhouette sporty with brilliant white rubber and a chunky sole, amped up with raw leather straps and buckles with gleaming silver, gives a total outcome of  what we always look for in our collection, Knock-out style!

If you are stylish,  trendy and a women of high impact, You’re gonna love the clean lines and athletic details which beautifully blend in with your wardrobe, yes I know you have power dressing already in place and this Wedge Collection will enhance your being, adding more luxe element to you!

With Ro s a l i e Pose,  remember just one thing, When your shoe is this standout, keep your clothes and accessories low-key – a simple dress in colour pop orange or denim shorts and stripes”

Quick Tips of How you can carry your Wedges on different attires:

For the Powerful & Authoritative Look Club it with Your Business Attire 

Carry it Off with a Formal Dress-Runway Style

Pair it with an Elegant Dress to Bring out the Oomph- Street Style 

Pair It with Just a Casual Dress or Oversized Piece 

Simply Team it up with Classic Whites 

So, go ahead Girls I have given you enough reasons to Shop for Wedges and add a super-chic tag to yourself…


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