Fendi Micro Bags-Make A Big Statement with #ItBags

Guess what’s the trendiest thing to do this summer. Carry small yet be noticed. You you are now guessing what am I hinting at you to make you stand out in the crowd this season, to make you look taller than everyone else, by offering you something small…real micro.
Small is in the Air

My dear fashion divas, the ones who are ambassadors of fashion, trends and style…allow me to present to you the rocking new designer micro handbags by Fendi…popularly known Fendi’s New #ItBag, from their awesomest spring/ summer 2015 collection. A bag too difficult to resist to own & flaunt.
SMALL IS BIG is the theory I guess behind Fendi’s New “It Bag” Launch. An extremely modern and unconventional interpretation of two iconic bags of the Maison, the Peekaboo and the Baguette is Fendi’s proud presentations this season, to all Fashion Hungry gals. These tiny micro bags (a style statement in themselves), will steal your heart and will earn a revered title among your friends and admirers.

With a mere 5.9″x 4.5″ dimension, the Fendi Micro Peekaboo is proving to be a big favorite among the modern urban dwellers and is winning the hearts of fashionistas across the globe. 
FENDI always had and this time again has embraced irony and played with aesthetics, proportion and color, with no sacrifice on quality and savoir faire.

Micro bags gives you a bold fashion statement featuring high craftsmanship ability, mirroring techniques employed in the creation of regular sized bags in the atelier. Special variations, including  Bag Bug eyes and precious materials like fur and crocpecial variations, including  Bag Bug eyes and precious materials like fur and croco make them more enviable possessions.

If you are a woman of class & elegance with an eye for detail, quality, creativity and yet carry the minimum essentials, these fun & compact bags are your thing. Carry your versatility & Grace it either as a clutch with an evening gown or cross body during the day, as all of them come with a long strap. 
Be a woman who just carries minimal essentials to show off her edgy and elegant side, definite ‘must have’ this  season!  Wear these sexy bags alone or pair them with their regular size icons. 
Girls, put this on your must have list and go all out to own it this season…

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