Hot & Sizzling Kitty Party By Grehlakshmi Magazine

Celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood 

Most unlike Kitty Parties of yesterdays which our Moms would never miss, The ‘Grehlakshmi Kitty Party’ was a sizzling, engaging and thought provoking event to celebrate the “Spirit Of Womanhood” organized by the Grehlakshmi family. The event rocked with the presence of some of the most renowned Celebs,  influential and powerful women from the world of politics and business, along beautiful Starlets from the small screen!

Town’s Kitty Party & Club Fans turned up in great numbers to make the event more hot and happening. Eventually the ‘Grehlakshmi Kitty Party’  turned out to be the most talked about event of the year filled with loads of action and entertainment. 

These happening girls & women of the town excitedly indulged sinfully in Cookery & Beauty Workshop, Fashion Show, Live RJ Interaction, Lingerie Show, Celebrity Interactions, Free Makeup & Makeover, Hair Makeover, Palmistry, Mehendi Art, Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Lucky Dips, Bumper Prizes…the list seems unending. Each activity unfolded some luxurious treatments & entertainment. While entertainment, fun & frolic was the main motive, few lucky-ones won  awards like  ‘Ms.Early Bird’, ‘Ms.Chatar Patar’ & ‘Ms.Beautiful Hair’ 

The heart of the event was stolen by ‘Groversons’ scintillating  “Lingerie show” which showcased their newest international and most sensuous designs.

Dr.Kiran Bedi , Renu Shahnawaz and Alka Lamba added some weight to the event and brought up few serious and heart piercing topic of  ‘How Safe Are Our Daughter’s In India” and the panel did gave every girl a piece of advice and a real food for thought.

Our mom’s favourite (as I cant say ours) TV Shows’ sparkling stars  like Aditi Sajwan, Shafaq Naaz, Sayantani Ghosh,Kishwar Merchant , Radhika Madan and ‘Hiten Tejwani’ from the top TV soap operas and created a glittery ambience which soaked all women present at the Kitty Party. 

Chef Harpal of food lover’s favourite channel ‘Food Food’  made “Saas & Bahus” come together and explore some sumptuous food recipes. 

The little kids had some fun with frolicsome nicktoons ‘Motu-Patlu’ became the life of the party with their comic timings.

The love affair didn’t stop at food, the spark went straight to the heart of ladies when the Kiss Man or rather now, the Invisible Man Mr.X, Emraan Hashmi charmed all the ladies with his smile. He along with Mahesh Bhatt also unveiled the 10 page extension of popular comic book Chacha Chaudhary titled as ‘Chacha Chaudhary & Mr.X’ featuring  Emraan Hashmi as Mr. X, the invisible superhero with the man whose brain runs faster than a computer – Chacha Chaudhary and his giant companion Sabu from Jupiter resolving cases and combat criminals with Mr. X.

Along with the theme of Women Empowerment this year, the event gave the girls a fabulous day out with a mirthful experience at this kitty party. The day pampered, inspired and empowered thousand of ladies and they get to socialize, engage with brands, chit chat all under one roof.

“Grehlakshmi’s Kitty Party” indeed gave all the girls a day worth remembrance and also look forward to the next Kitty Party!


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