Coconut Oil is one of the absolute hottest product in the beauty & wellness industry now!

With its many uses, affordability, and accessibility, it’s apparent as to why popularity has grown within recent years.  Also, the oil addresses everything from dry scalp, dehydrated skin, frizzy hair, lackluster complexion, weight gain, and more. But before you say hello to your newest beauty BFF, let’s break down how to use it correctly:
DO: Use as a hydrating hair mask, applying from the roots to tip overnight to repair dry, dehydrated, and damaged ends.
DON’T: If you are allergic to coconuts, you’ll probably be allergic to the oil as well. Be sure to consult with your doctor or allergist prior to use if you suspect a problem.
DO: Apply to a bare, freshly washed face as a moisturizer for those in need of some major hydration. Smooth onto the body as well if needed!
DON’T: Apply to the face as a makeup primer, as the oil does not grab onto makeup well.
DO: Take a teaspoon daily for added fiber and to aid in the prevention of diseases. Coconut oil is made up of lauric acid, which, when present in the body, is converted into monolaurin, a compound that is highly toxic to viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other micro organisms. 
on body
DON’T: Consume large amounts daily, as the wonder oil still has a high content of saturated fat, which is fine in small doses but large quantities will cause weight gain rather than regulating and boosting weight loss.

DO: Add a bit onto cheekbones for a bit of natural glow, but just be sure to apply over your makeup and avoid using too much product, as this oil melts to touch. For best results, choose a pure virgin or extra-virgin coconut oil (preferably organic) that is unrefined, cold-pressed, and non-hydrogenated. As for availability, check your local grocery store or health foods store to purchase.

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